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We are Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism, a team of curious adventurers. Established by Mr. Imad Ghreiwati over a decade ago, Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism was born out of the sheer need for quality travel. What began as a humble business from the basement has now developed into a 50-team organization.

For Imad Ghreiwati, the sky was truly the limit. He was a globetrotter, searching for picturesque views tucked beyond luscious trees and serene mountains. After years of traveling the world, Imad Ghreiwati discovered an issue that hindered his journey every time; a quality travel agent. Someone aware of all the nooks that studded across the cities and, more importantly, someone equally passionate about travel like him. And just like that, Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism was born.  

Founded in 2000, the sole purpose of Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism is to make holidays easy. From the moment you contact us till the time you unpack, we want to ensure you a seamless journey. The world is beautiful, and we want everyone to enjoy it without worrying about travel.  

Our team of 50 are multilingual professionals who have traveled across the mountains and villages to deepen their knowledge. From exploring the vast rainforests to tiny desert islands, our team knows it all. Apart from our invaluable expertise, we also have an undying passion for travel. We constantly strive to create customized plans and solutions to ensure our clients have a memorable trip. Without a doubt, when expertise and passion join forces, it is a duo like no other!  

With a map in our hands and bags on our backs, we are all on a journey to discover something new. And at Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism, we are your travel buddies. Let’s explore the world together!  

15,596+ Trips

Have you ever finally just gave in to the temptation and read your horoscope in the newspaper on Sunday morning?

Our Vision

We aim to continuously broaden our services and packages so everyone can enjoy seamless travel.  

Our Mission

To become the number one travel agency in Dubai, enabling everyone the wonderful experience of traveling the world.  



Customized Travel Packages

Everyone is unique. For some, they love the tall mountains with snow dotted throughout. For others, they love to hear the bird chipping through the thick forests. At Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism, we have travel packages customized according to your interests. From exploring the bustling city of New York to discovering the quaint neighborhoods of Turkey, we have something for everyone.  

Customized Travel Packages

With Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism, you are the best one-stop destination for all visa needs. Our team works closely with all associates from visa application until the visa is issued. We offer UAE travel tourist visa at an affordable price. 

International Visa Assistance

At Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism, we offer you premium global visa services. From the initial visa eligibility assessment to visa tracking and approval, our agents ensure every step is taken care of. With us, you can travel the world seamlessly! 

Happy Customers

Great service and excellent experience with Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism. I came across this company and wasn’t disappointed. They provided prompt services for my family and me in the best manner. They were supportive and did the job excellently, I highly recommend them. “

Rana Kayum

I was visiting Dubai for the very first time and Imad Ghreiwati Travels and Tourism made it a truly seamless experience. The visa procedure and the selected attractions were all according to schedule. I appreciate their professionalism, patience, and support.”


“From the time I messaged them on WhatsApp, they simplified the whole process to get a visa. I got it within a day and they informed me throughout the documentation procedure. Very reliable team at Imad Ghreiwati and I thank them for all their efforts.”

Basil Thomas

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